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Marriage card (gay)

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Original Christmas Cards for Christmas! For Sale!

5 Christmas card designs, freshly drawn for you are now for sale from my Etsy shop!

Each card comes with an envelope in a cellophane sleeve, just like in a proper shop!

Here is one with a Christmas tree in it.  You can see the other designs by clicking on the images to the right of the main one here.
© Timothy Tate 2012
They are blank inside so you can write your own soppy, Hallmark style verse and make your friends shed a festive tear of joy.

You can ask for cream or white card, or just leave that harrowing decision to me.

You can buy any number of each card as you wish (imagine pick 'n' mix, but with less sugar) for the following prices:

1 card -  €3
2 cards - €5
5 cards - €10
10 cards - €15

Each card will be freshly drawn for you, they are not prints, so will vary slightly from what you see here.  Each card will be signed on the back.
Card Size - A6 when folded
Height: 14.8 cm/5.8 Inches
Width: 10.5 cm/4.1 Inches 

© Timothy Tate 2012

That link one more time: Freshly drawn xmas cards!

If you prefer your cards without Christmas imagery, you can get any drawing you've ever seen of mine done on a card here: greetings cards

Hope you like them.

With Festivities,

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That's the end of this sales pitch.  I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I have.