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Hand-drawn replicas of any picture you see here.
Only €12 each!

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The picture will be almost identical to the one you saw on this blog; one of a strictly limited set of 10 unique hand-drawn copies of each picture.  It will be signed and numbered and freshly drawn with an actual black pen and feature anywhere from 0-12 different coloured felt tips! (Yes that's right, 12, that's ALL the colours.)
Pictures in a series (ie The Multitudinous uses of a Baguette, Portraiture etc.) €45 for full set of five pictures. Or any 5 pictures you like for that matter.

Your picture(s) will arrive well protected in a stiff cardboard envelope, on high quality 170gsm paper about 8 X 10 inches.

Greetings Cards of any drawing.
€5 each!
Hand drawn replicas of any picture you see here on 5" X 7" (approx. 13 x 18cm) white card with envelope. Blank Inside for your own message.

Christmas Cards 5 designs
Now available here: Christmas Cards

***All prices include international postage and packing!***
-But surely that's mentile?!
-Yes, yes it is.

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